Just a brief descripton of what the function is of Fermented foods.

Your health is your wealth and not a drain!

What is Free radicals and how does that influence my life? We are constantly exposed to pollution of one kind or another: air, water, our food is filled with preservatives, colorants and flavorings and skin care products. Having a stressful life and a poor diet high in processed and refined carbohydrates, saturated fats and many more bad foods, contribute to free radicals accumulating in your body. I wrote an extensive article on Food Labels and what you the consumer should know. Read labels before you buy! Ok, lets get back to free radicals.

Free radicals are by products of our body’s own metabolism within each cell. Cells loose an electron and is then chemically unstable. The unbalanced cell needs an electron back from molecules and cells around them. This sets of a chain reaction and affecting DNA structures and cell membranes and causing cells to mutate into tumors. NOT all tumors are malignant! But that is how it all start!

What are the benefits of having Fermented Foods?
• Increased absorption of Vitamins and minerals
• Intestinal flora maintenance
• Increased concentration
• Weight management
• Blood pH regulating to more neutral fighting carcinogens and free radicals
• Increased immunity
• Decrease in carbohydrate cravings
• Anti aging of skin and brain
• Blood sugar regulator
• Regulates blood pressure and unclog arteries

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Source: Annelien Pienaar, 2018 www.annelienpienaar.co.za