Diabetic / Low carb patients always find it very difficult to find sweeteners that are palatable and almost the same as sugar. I have done some investigation about the matter and can safely advise as a Food Scientist on the following sweeteners with correlation between omitting sugar in recipes. But keep in mind that portion control must be adhered to for keeping this baked product to be still low GI and per serving safe for consumption without spiking the blood sugar levels.

Liquid Natreen: 8 drops = 5 g white sugar
Tantalize: 4 drops = 5 g white sugar
10 g Canderal with sukralose = 100 g white sugar

I am of the opinion that Xylitol is not advisable to use in baking, due to feedback from my readers complaining of gastric problems, flatulence and in worse case diarrhea. Use on your own discretion.

420 g whole wheat flour or brown bread flour
280 g cake flour
90 g digestive bran
130 g Hi-fibre bran cereal
40 ml baking powder
5 ml bicarbonate of soda
150 g lite margarine, melted
5-10 ml stevia of swerve (Dischem hou hierdie produkte aan as alternatiewe versoeter)
or 120 g Fructose powder as sweetener
500 ml low fat or fat free yoghurt or kefir
2 eggs
2.5 ml salt (optional if sodium intake is limited, it can be left out)

Pre heat oven o 180 ℃ and prepare a baking sheet 30 cm x 20 cm or alternatively two loaf tins.

Mix together flours, bran, cereal and raising agents.

Melt (not boil) the margarine, sweetener and sit to cool. Add to the melted margarine, the buttermilk and eggs.

Mix dry and wet ingredients together and don’t over mix. Press into pan and pre cut for flat sheeted pan and loaf tins, need no cutting.

Bake for 35-45 minutes at 180℃. Rest 10 min and turn out and cool before cutting.

Dry at 90 ℃ for 5 hours with the oven door slightly open with a wooden spoon inserted to keep open.

Yield: 50 rusks

Nutritional info per rusk:
450 kj
12.4 g carbohydrates
5 g proteins
2 g fat
GI is low at 60

Source: Annelien Pienaar 2019, www.annelienpienaar.co.za