I am passionate about the topic of sustainable, preservative- and colorant free skin products. My mum was an avid reader, researcher with regards to the science and healing properties of certain oils, butters, herbs and spices. She taught me all I know of this topic. In my field of studies chemistry was the back bone and with science in my pocket I started formulating skin butters, healing salves, ointments and a vast range of formulas for my family and friends.

Compulsory: You have to do the Soapmaking course before embarking on this journey. We are using soap pastes in some of the recipes and these soap pastes takes as great deal of time to produce and technical know-how. There are no time in class to cover all soap making basics. If you book without the Soap making class, you will be missing out on the much needed basics. 

During this class you will learn:
1. Butters and oils
2. Natural preservatives like Vit E
3. The lingo and SAFETY!
4. Herbs and spices, infusions, essential oils
5. Equipment and resources.
6. You will be making: a healing salve of choice, facial cream or whipped body butter and foaming body sugar scrub, gua cha oil. You will receive recipes for all. (You will be making 2 of the 4). There will also be bonus recipes!
7. After this class you will have the basics in place to produce not just the formulas in point 6, but creating your own skin care range.
8. You receive a full manual with 30 pages filled with recipes and so much more!

Waarde vir my geld? Jy ontvang in die klas:
1. Verversings en ligte middagete, tee, koffie.
2. Alle bestanddele vir klas en verpakking ingesluit.
3. Alle nota’s in PDF formaat en sal elke Donderdag uit gestuur word net voor die klas.
4. Epos adres indien jy wil kontak maak: bktklasse2022@gmail.com

Venue en tyd:
In my BKT ateljee op Skeerpoort. Vind Bos en Berg guestfarm op Google Maps gelys.
Fisiese adres is: S43, Skeerpoort, R560 road, Noordwes, 0232 (kyk uit vir die Bos en Berg guestfarm bord).
Alle klasse begin om 09h00.

Hekke open om 08h45.
Draai dadelik links by die eerste ingang. Hou links by die vurk en dan reguit aan met die paadjie en parkeer onder die bome agter die Ateljee.

Stap met die kronkel paadjie na regs by die afdakke…ek wag vir jou met heerlike Boeretroos en beskuit!

Annelien Pienaar